Providence Business Debt Collection Attorney

Providence Business Debt Collection Attorney

Financial institutions and companies engaged in many other business sectors turn to the Law Offices of William M. Kolb, LLC, with their high-value Rhode Island collections matters. They benefit from comprehensive legal services with integrity and constant emphasis on earning positive results as cost-effectively as possible.

Attorney William M. Kolb has maintained an active practice in commercial debt collections throughout much of his 25-year legal career. He has an in-depth understanding of effective strategies for asset recovery and all lawful means of obtaining and enforcing judgments against noncompliant debtors. He welcomes inquiries from business owners, stakeholders and in-house counsel nationwide.

In-Depth Knowledge Of Creditors' Rights ยท Experience Across The Spectrum Of Complex Commercial Litigation

Mr. Kolb's real-world business and accounting experience is also a key asset for those in need of either debt collection services or defense in commercial litigation. His clients receive personal attention and benefit from active, clear communication aligned with their specific business needs, which may include:

  • The filing and prosecution of impeccably prepared civil lawsuits in the appropriate courts
  • Pursuit of liens on real estate or other property, prejudgment and post-judgment attachments, garnishments and other effective asset recovery actions
  • Representation in breach of contract litigation or another form of dispute
  • Representation in bankruptcy or receivership proceedings

Mr. Kolb is skilled in performing the research and forensic accounting often necessary to expose concealed assets, including foreign holdings and unlawfully transferred funds or property. Whether a dispute over the validity of the obligation or claimed inability to pay is at the heart of your commercial debt recovery matter, attorney Kolb will present all viable options and rigorously assert your position.

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To speak directly with an experienced, resourceful Providence business debt collection lawyer who will prioritize your case, please call 401-714-0622 or contact this firm online anytime.

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