Providence Business Dispute Attorney

Providence Business Dispute Attorney

Attorney William M. Kolb has outstanding credentials, including more than 25 years of experience as a commercial litigation attorney. He also has an extensive background in education and accounting. Clients benefit from his superior communication skills and financial savvy. His approach is compassionate yet practical. He helps people deal effectively with challenges that are sometimes very personal, but almost always involve monetary concerns.

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Attorney Kolb focuses primarily on business law matters, including commercial litigation and collections. He is licensed to practice in Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island. In addition to his many years in private practice as a lawyer, he has substantial experience in public accounting, business and education. Clients benefit from his rigorous, balanced approach to solving problems and protecting their interests.
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Your Business Law Attorney For Disputes Over Money, Property, Competition And More

Throughout his career, attorney Kolb has been a stellar resource for business owners and stakeholders engaged in payment and contract disputes, real estate disputes and other matters that can lead to civil litigation. Not only does he provide ongoing counsel to many local business leaders, this firm frequently assists banks and companies around the country with commercial collections needs in Rhode Island.
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