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The Law Offices of William M. Kolb, LLC handles contract disputes whenever they occur — even if they arise before a contract has been signed. Bill is a skilled contract dispute attorney with a history of resolving disputes involving definitions of terms, drafting or reviewing errors, claims of fraud or misrepresentation, or any other issues of conflict. 

If you are entangled in the stress of a disagreement with a customer, client, partner, colleague, or employee about a provision of a contract (or more than one), contact our office for strong legal representation and responsive client services. We are eager to help you as we have helped so many commercial litigation clients in the Providence, Rhode Island area.

Negotiation if Possible, Litigation if Necessary

Bill’s goal is to find a solution to your contract dispute through agile negotiation and diplomatic strategies rather than through costly, time-consuming litigation. He has a great deal of experience dealing discreetly with sensitive matters and using detailed knowledge of the law to be persuasive. Though determined to solve your problem with as little turmoil and expense as possible, he is always prepared to use his sharp courtroom skills. 

Contract Disputes Cover a Broad Spectrum

Although always looking out for your best interest, Bill is aware that disputes typically can only be settled through a compromise that works for the benefit of both parties. This is true whether the dispute concerns a partnership agreement, a shareholder agreement, an employment contract, or a contract involving the sale and delivery of goods. 

On the other hand, when a breach of contract occurs, our practice is committed to holding the offending party accountable for holding up their end of the bargain or paying appropriate damages.

Common Contract Disputes in Providence, Rhode Island

William Kolb is ready to take on any type of contract dispute, no matter how unusual or complicated, but, for purposes of illustration, here are some of the most common contract disputes in more detail:

Commercial Leases

Frequently, the language used in a commercial lease lacks the clarity necessary to avoid disputes over rental space conditions, costs, and the timing of rental payments. For instance, a common factor in an “unlawful detainer,” which is an eviction action in which the landlord seeks possession of the premises, is the failure to pay rent in a timely manner. 

Non-Compete Agreements

Businesses routinely ask their employees to sign a non-compete agreement at the time of their hire. That type of contract dictates that when the newly hired employee leaves the company, that individual will not work for a local competitor for a stated period of years. Depending on how wide a net is thrown in terms of the stated geographical area and length of time, a non-compete agreement may not stand up in court. Judges may decide that the words of the contract are too restrictive and make it too difficult for the employee to earn a living without relocating.

Sale of Goods Contracts

Sales of goods contracts can be especially contentious, primarily because they are often lax as drafted, allowing too much room for misunderstanding and disappointment. Though governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, these open-ended contracts are often disputed in wholesale, liquidated merchandise, and other transactions. As a matter of fact, some of these contracts don’t even guarantee that customers will receive the products they are purchasing. When contracts are written correctly, however, products that are “significantly not as described” (SNAD) or that never arrived may be successfully litigated.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

There are several reasons why one party requests another to sign an NDA. At times, sensitive data leaked by an intended buyer or investor may be extremely detrimental to the seller. At other times, secrets must be kept to protect innovative, cutting-edge, or patent-pending products. If the signer of an NDA is found to be the source of the leak, that person may be in breach of the contract. Nonetheless, proving the leak was intentional may require the services of a highly capable contract dispute attorney like William Kolb.

Consumer Contract Disputes

Buy/Sell agreements need not be protected by an official warranty for the seller to be held liable for a defective product. Any written or spoken claim made by a manufacturer or retailer —

in print, in a TV ad, or on a package —  may be used as evidence of the seller’s liability. If the seller provides you with dysfunctional, unusable, or harmful merchandise, you have a right to have your money refunded in full unless it can be proven that you misused or damaged the product.

Company Contracts

All businesses are connected with other businesses in some way, whether as providers or receivers of services or merchandise. Such connections may be based locally, nationally, or globally. The contracts between such businesses can be very lucrative and essential to the growth of both companies, but if one establishment doesn’t live up to its part of the deal, a breach of the contract can result in serious harm to the nonbreaching company resulting in litigation. 

Material Breaches

Material breaches are characterized by the blatant refusal of one contract signer to follow the contract’s stipulations. Depending on the nature of the contract, damages caused by material breaches are variable, but in some cases may be millions of dollars. The higher the amount one party stands to lose, the more the need for a knowledgeable, competent contract dispute attorney.

Tortious Interference

When a third party deliberately interferes in a business relationship that has been confirmed in writing or even one that is about to go to contract, that party may be held liable for tortious interference and sued in civil court. Examples of such misconduct are: attempts to destroy one contracting party’s reputation, luring one party away from contractual obligations, or convincing one party not to sign the contract in the first place. 

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